Vote on Election Day

What to expect at your voting location

When you arrive at the voting location, you see election workers ready to assist you.

Go to the table labeled "Registration Table" to start the voting process.

At the Registration Table you will:
  1. State your name and address.
  2. If it is a partisan primary, state your political party.
  3. Submit proper identification. See below for what is allowed as proper identification when voting.
  4. Sign a document verifying your statement.

Proper identification is:

  • Driver’s license issued by Kansas or another state
  • State ID card issued by Kansas or another state
  • Concealed carry of handgun license issued by Kansas or another state
  • US passport
  • Employee badge or ID document issued by a government agency
  • US military identification
  • Student ID issued by accredited postsecondary institution of education in Kansas
  • Public assistance ID card issued by a government agency

              After you check in at the registration table, you will be guided to either a touchscreen voting machine or a voting booth where you can privately mark a paper ballot.

              When you are done voting, you will receive an"I voted" sticker that you can proudly wear and encourage others to vote.

              Provisional voting

              In the following situations, you will be required to vote provisionally:
              • Your name different from registered name
              • Your address different from registered address
              • Your name not in registration book
              • You are listed in registration book as an Advance Voter
              • In primary elections, party affiliation different from what you announced
              • You unable to show a government issued photo identification at the time of voting. If voting provisionally for this reason, you must provide a copy of your government issued photo ID to the election office prior to the beginning of the Official County Canvass in person or by fax, email or postal mail.
              You will be given a paper ballot and an envelope to fill out and then seal the ballot inside.  The sealed envelope will be held by election officials pending a determination, as provided by law, of your qualifications to vote.

              Where to vote on Election Day

              What's on the ballot