Vote by mail 

To vote by mail you must complete an Advance Voting Application. Your completed application must be received at the Edwards County Clerk's office on the Tuesday prior to the election. 

Submit your application early to avoid delays! 

After you have completed the application, please return it to our office:

Via mail:

Edward County Clerk's Office
312 Massachusetts Ave
Kinsley, KS 67547

Via fax:

(620) 659-2583

Via email:

A separate application must be submitted for each election, except in the case of permanent illness or disability which requires a different, one-time-only application (see below, Permanent Advanced Voting Status).

Ballots will be mailed beginning 20 days before the election.

Ballots are due by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. Your completed ballot, in its sealed envelope with your signature on the back, may be returned to the county election office or any polling place within the county. 

Any advance ballot returned by mail and postmarked, or otherwise marked by the U.S. Postal Service, that the ballot was mailed by the close of polls on Election Day shall be eligible for counting if it is received by the 3rd day following the election.

Permanent Advance Voting Status

A person with a permanent illness or disability may apply at any time to the county election officer for permanent advance voting status. Complete and return the Permanent Advance Voting Application to the Edwards County Clerk's office.

Once a voter obtains permanent status, the county election officer automatically sends the voter an advance ballot every election without the voter having to renew the application each time.

The voter must specify the nature of the permanent physical disability or illness that makes it difficult or impossible for the voter to go to the regular polling place to cast a ballot. A permanent advance voting applicant is not required to furnish a physician's records or signature, but the voter must sign an affirmation on the form. The applicant should be specific as to the nature of the sickness or disability; using "age" or "failing health" is not adequate.

After you have completed the application please return it to our office via email at:

or via mail at:

Edward County Clerk's Office
312 Massachusetts Ave
Kinsley, KS 67547

Safeguard Your Advance Ballot

All voters who are voting by mail should follow these simple steps to protect the integrity of their ballot:
  • Vote the ballot yourself. Do not let another person tell you how you should vote.
  • If you are physically unable to vote the ballot, be certain that the person assisting you can be trusted and is NOT: with a political campaign; your employer; agent of employer; or officer or agent of a union to which you are a member. 
  • If you do require assistance, an "Affidavit of Assistance in the County of Edwards, State of Kansas " must be completed and you will find it printed on the back of the return envelope.

Military and Overseas Voting Information (UOCAVA)

UOCAVA is a Federal program that is designed to allow overseas voters and military personnel to actively participate in our democratic process. Here is a link you can access for more information about the program: U.S. Dept. of Justice - UOCAVA information

In order to become qualified as a UOCAVA voter it is necessary for an application to be completed and submitted to our office.

After you have completed the UOCAVA application, please return it to our office via email at

or via mail at:

Edward County Clerk's Office
312 Massachusetts Ave
Kinsley, KS 67547

Learn more about the UOCAVA voting process in Edwards County.

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