Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for advance voting?

Any registered voter may apply for an advance ballot. Advance voting begins 20 days before an election.  Ballots will be issued until noon the day before elections; however, advance by mail ballots must be turned in before polls close on Election Day at 7:00 p.m. 

What do I need in order to vote in advance?

A signed application is required to receive an advance voting ballot.

Where can I get an advance voting application?

You can download an application from the Kansas Secretary of State's office. If you prefer, you can call the Edwards County Clerk's office at 620-659-3000 to request an advance voting application. 

Where do I return my advance voting application?

Applications can be mailed to the Edwards County Clerk's office, 312 Massachusetts Ave., Kinsley, KS 67547.

Where can I vote in advance?

Voters can vote in person in advance 20 days before the scheduled election date at the Edwards County Clerk's office.

Where can I get my advance ballot delivered?

Beginning 20 days before the election, an advance ballot will be mailed to one of three locations, specified by you:

  • Voter’s residential address or mailing address


  • Voter’s temporary residential address


  • Medical care facility, psychiatric hospital, hospice or adult care home where the voter resides

NOTE: The ballot must be voted in secrecy and returned to the Edwards County Clerk's office by the time the polls close on election day.

Do I need photo ID to vote on Election Day?

Yes. You need to provide your government-issued photo ID (such as your U.S. passport) in order to successfully cast your ballot at your polling location.

Valid forms of photo ID are:
  • Driver’s license issued by Kansas or another state
  • State ID card issued by Kansas or another state
  • Concealed carry of handgun license issued by Kansas or another state
  • U.S. passport
  • Employee badge or ID document issued by a government agency
  • U.S. military identification
  • Student ID issued by accredited postsecondary institution of education in Kansas
  • Public assistance ID card issued by a government agency

Who is exempt from showing photo ID?

The following persons are exempt from the photo ID requirement:

  • Those who have a permanent disability that makes it impossible for them to travel to obtain a qualifying ID form and who are qualified for permanent advance voting status
  • Members of the uniformed service on active duty who, if on duty, are absent from the county on Election Day
  • Members of the merchant marine who are absent from the county on Election Day
  • The spouse or dependent of a member of either the uniformed service or merchant marine who, by reason of the member’s duty or service, is absent from the county on Election Day
  • Those citizens who have religious beliefs that prohibit photographic identification, who are required to fill out the Declaration of Religious Objection to Photographic Identification form, available from the Edwards County Clerk's office, or the Secretary of State’s office

For more information about Kansas voter ID requirements, visit

If I don't have photo ID, can I still vote?

Yes. You have the option to vote provisionally. Contact the Edwards County Clerk's office at 620-659-3000 to learn about your voting options. 

I am registered to vote in Edwards County, but I have an out-of-state driver’s license. Will I be able to vote?

Yes. The law allows anyone who is registered to vote in Kansas to do so, despite out-of-state driver’s licenses, as long as the voter's name and the physical description match the poll book.